Education Is The Development Of Intelligent Thinking Essay

Education Is The Development Of Intelligent Thinking Essay

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I have been teaching for a month and in that time I believe that the purpose of education is the development of intelligent thinking. Intelligence is not learned overnight but is obtained through individuals who use all their skills. Education relies on a teacher, students, family/community and technology.

The Teacher
Teachers must be knowledgeable, creative and committed to a lifetime of learning. Teachers create instruction and differentiated strategies to not only promote growth, but to promote the students ' self –esteem, character and overall an aspiration to be a learner for life. When a teacher is positive and set the bar high the students join a league of no other. Teachers provide the foundation for not only community leaders, doctors and lawyers, but the opportunity to let a child discover who they are. The teacher plays a major role in every part of a child’s education.
Teachers who build a positive relationship with parents, faculty and staff create a learning environment life no other. A teacher who calls parents weekly and discuss not only academic growth, but social growth have more involved parents. Teachers who create a net for parent involvement can also help navigate a child back on the right path. Teacher, faculty and administration create a solid curriculum and engaging school environment. By providing weekly grade level meets and professional learning days the whole school is built on improving not only the curriculum, but differentiating, learning styles and what they can do better in their classrooms.

The Student
Students come from different backgrounds which creates learning like no other. Students need to have respect for their teachers. By havi...

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...cting up. Technology helps with lesson ideas, lesson plans, differentiating instruction and also grabs your student’s attention to help them learn the material.
Technology is growing every single day it helps makes students on all levels learn. Websites, blogs, videos, audio books and e books are just a few things that help in education. Technology enhances a child’s learning in mathematics, reading, compression, science and social studies. Because technology is available anywhere students can learn at anytime and anyplace.
I believe that the purpose of education is for students to develop and have intelligent thinking. Every child can learn and it does take a village to raise a child, but with the right resources this can be obtained. Education is only accessible through teachers, students, family, community, and technology when they work together.

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