Education Is The Cognitive And Intellectual Purpose Essay

Education Is The Cognitive And Intellectual Purpose Essay

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Purposes of Education
One of the major purposes of education is the cognitive and intellectual purpose. The cognitive and intellectual purpose is important because it focuses on improving the higher order thinking skills and knowledge of the student so that they can be “literate and knowledgeable thinkers” (V-PoE). True authentic education requires higher order thinking. Not only should schools teach basic knowledge, but they should also build on this basic knowledge by teaching students to think rationally and broadening their cognitive perspective. Students who can use higher order thinking skills will be more competent in the social and economic areas of their lives. Education allows students to choose the job of their choice, earn higher wages, contribute more to society, etc.
As a teacher using the theory of behaviorism, I will start the first day with a well-organized classroom. I will have a clear set of rules and expectations posted for my students that I will explain and demonstrate to them. I will have a schedule that includes pictures posted in the classroom to ensure that each student knows in advance where and what they are supposed to be doing at all times during the day. I will also play musical cues for children to inform them that it is time for a different activity (e.g., “The Clean-up Song’, or “It’s lunch time”). I will use praise and stickers to enforce good behavior (e.g., “Good job Brandon! You completed your work and wrote your numbers all the way to ten. Brandon gets a gold star”). I believe that “Most behaviors can be taught, changed, or modified” (83). “The basic principle of behaviorism is that education can best be achieved by modifying or changing student behaviors in a socially...

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... says, “The teacher works with others to create environments that support individual and collaborative learning, and that encourage positive social interaction, active engagement in learning, and – motivation” (9). One way to meet this task would be to take students on field trips to various places that would promote these goals. A field trip that would be good for first graders would be to the Sam Noble Museum, located in Norman, Ok. At the Sam Noble Museum students as individuals and as groups, will be able to interact socially in a very active and engaging educational environment. By providing these outside experiences for students I will be exposing them to activity outside their families, and schools so they can be active participants in the community. People who are more active in their community are more likely to be active in national and world events.

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