Education Is Not Limited For Academic Study Essay

Education Is Not Limited For Academic Study Essay

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Education is not limited to academic study, but is rather the holistic growth of a human being. As such, if single-sex schools undermine basic human principles, they undermine the quality of education. As a result of single gender classrooms, the inability to communicate with the opposite gender is created. When schools prohibit boys and girls from studying together in the same classroom, they may think that their gender is either better or inferior. According to “Forbes,” when students are segregated by sex, they miss opportunities to work together and develop vital social skills. According to the American Psychological Association, this type of bigotry can cause problems in forming adult relationships as children get older. The APA argues that school is preparation for adult life and how boys and girls learn to interact will dictate relationships formed in the workplace. Just as racial segregation promoted racism, classrooms segregated by sex promote sexism. According to the Monitor on Psychology, A study by Pennsylvania State University’s Lynn Liben and Monitor on Psychology found that after children were separated by gender in classrooms, they showed a greater aversion toward the other genders and more stereotypical attitudes towards the opposite gender.
Young Latin American and Black men are identified as the most "at risk" demographic in the nation. They have the highest suspension and expulsion rates, the lowest graduation and college matriculation rates and in many cities the dropout rates for Latin American and Black men are over 50%. Rather than benefiting pupils, single-sex education can harm their ability to get on in life by reinforcing sexist stereotypes according to the Telegraph. Another research conducted in 2010 ...

... middle of paper ... to a report published in the Science journal, researchers wrote: “Sex-segregated education is deeply misguided and often justified by weak, cherry-picked or misconstrued scientific claims rather than by valid scientific evidence. There is no well-designed research showing that single sex education improves students’ academic performance nor the idea that boys’ and girls’ brains are wired to learn in different ways. Professor Lynn S. Liben of Pennsylvania State University said: “There is not scientific evidence for positive effects of single-sex schooling. That’s not to say that academic outcomes are definitively worse, but neither are they definitively better.” Research reported by the U.S. Department of Education states that long-term academic gains are not shown to exist in same-sex schools and there is only limited evidence that benefits can be measured at all.

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