Essay on Education Is Not Gender Equal

Essay on Education Is Not Gender Equal

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Why are there few number of females in engineering and computer based jobs? There are most places around the world that is hard for women to attend school. They always leave their everyday hoping this method of life will change, but this never seems to be. Somewhere around the world females are killed trying to attend school, and most of them are little kids who tried to get an opportunity like the males did. Most countries the female have an age where they stop attending school, and all they did later was to get married at early ages to become a child bride. Education is not gender equal enough in some countries.
I am interested in Education because there is a shortage of females in some countries. Some countries make it hard for females to get an opportunity in education because they fear women will become smarter than males. Most males in some countries are afraid for their females to attend schools so that they do get to most wisdom of the way treated in general. Talking about education being equal is great way for women to get the chance of becoming something wonderful. Instead of women start a family at young age they should be at school getting an education too. In some occupation fields there are not lot of females than it supposed to be, and even America too is part of the place where women do get the chance to attend college so they should be ways to get grants or daycare if they have kids. There are not lots of females in Engineering or Medicine. The current discussion about education is mainly about less female workers and students. The problem began when schools had less women involved in education. In the case of gender equality it is less “According to the U.S. Department of Education’s recent publication, “Gender D...

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...ll be a gradual process. Fixing the problem will be a good way of letting females attend school, and get a good education in the process. According to Tricia Hyun is a teacher who works at Fullerton School District. “The infamous backseat question “Are we there yet?” exists, and the answer is clear. No, we are not there yet. America is not at a place where STEM interests and STEM fields are met with an equal number of boys and girls. As educational leaders, we must not only be very aware of the problem girl’s face, but also be very open to alternative pathways for them. We must continue to open our minds to understanding that the destination – gender equality – might be miles and miles away, and the rest stops along the way may be frequent, but eventually we will get there." All being said is that the problem is big, yet with time they will fix the problem females

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