Education Is Not As Common As Most People Think Essay

Education Is Not As Common As Most People Think Essay

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In the world today, education is not as common as most people think. In fact, Harvard did a recent study on the worlds education status, and only 6.7 percent of the world’s population are college degree-holders. Education cannot be replaced, and that is what makes education in the world today so valued. If people are educated, they hold a higher social status throughout their culture. The opportunity to be educated gives one the chance to help others. The more people who become educated can then help others become educated, and the world’s percent for educated people will increase. Education results on a person by, increasing their tolerance for others, greater critical thinking skills, and having their moral obligations set.
The first result from one being educated is increasing their tolerance for others. When people are educated, they become exposed to many different cultures. This type of exposure happens in textbooks for a class, reading on their own, and being around different people on a college campus. This exposure allows an educated person to have sympathy for other cultures. An educated person knows the type of culture certain individuals are raised in. When one is educated, he or she will see the hardships many people go through in different parts of the world. This education allows one to not judge an individual for the actions he or she performs. Educated people will think through their decisions, and be better suited to help someone who needs guidance. A great example is, if an individual is being ignorant toward others, and not treating people right, an educated person will be able to have reason. One who is educated may think the reason this individual is treating others badly is maybe because he or she was treat...

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...nd do not drop down to the levels of others around them. Educated people carry themselves highly because they have the confidence of their education.
This all makes increasing their tolerance for others, greater critical thinking skills, and having their moral obligations set, three results of one who is educated. As educated people continue to spread their knowledge to others; the worlds percent of educated people will continue to increase. Education brings experiences to people such as becoming exposed to different cultures of the world, and the different ways people live. Educated people think through their decisions, and can help others who need guidance. One who is educated is a reliable source for information, and can positively affect others around them with their knowledge. Therefore, education continues to be a positive result on an individual to this day.

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