Education Is Not A One Size Fits All Essay

Education Is Not A One Size Fits All Essay

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Education is not a one-size fits all, students do not all learn the same way nor do they express themselves the same way. If higher education uses this frame of reference when teaching students, should they also use this to guide how the school is managed? Stanley Fish (2007) believes that colleges should take on the mentality that one-size does not fit all and they should not all take on the same management system. This is due in part to colleges being different sizes, having different programs and missions, and being located in different areas. Some intuitions take on the idea of what is known as shared governance in which Fish does not say it is a bad idea, as long as it is used properly. Another author that goes into detail as to how collegial institutions govern is Kathleen Manning (2013). How the university is managed will ultimately determine if the university will survive and thrive in the economy.
One key component of a well-managed university is the communication that goes on between faculty and administration. Fish (2007) believes it is always a good idea to inform all faculty of any topics that have been discussed immediately as well as letting them know the minute a decisions has been made about a new policy. He does not think withholding the information is a good idea because the administration may then not be taken seriously and faculty will assume to believe the higher power is corrupt. Fish states if administration allows the faculty to know when a decisions is made, the faculty will put all their trust into administration and continue to allow administration to set all the policies and regulations. Manning (2013) summarizes that in collegial institutions there is no set pattern for communication. Facu...

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...uctant to participate because faculty will not want to take their word and fight back against their opinions. This may lead to competition among peers and faculty members eventually choosing to not be a part of any imperative decisions (Manning, 2013).
With any form of government there is both strengths and weaknesses. Manning and Fish did an immaculate job describing these said strengths and weaknesses. Nevertheless, anyone can see that using either the business or the shared governance ideal does indeed depend on the university and its goals. Bigger colleges may choose to use administration as the main management team since there is a large faculty population, while smaller schools may choose shared governance because there would be less faculty to contend with. Neither author is trying to persuade one way or the other nor believes the latter is wrong.

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