Education Is Not A Luxury Essay

Education Is Not A Luxury Essay

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With longer school hour, students perform better, right? At least to Stephen Joel Trachtenberg, it is. In his article “Education is Not a Luxury,” he believes the current American school schedule is the debris of the old agrarian calendar, which does not cope with the modern educational system. Hence, he suggests lengthening school period similar to the university model to promote better learning atmosphere, along with providing different resources to students and rewarding teachers adequately to stay in teaching profession. Even though objections are inevitable, he reckons the educational system ought to cope with the changing world by shading accordingly. His proposal seems to be a rational, viable way to solve the problem that “school is not taken seriously” (213), however, lengthening school hour may not be the best way around. We should change the educational system to serve the needs of students, not merely force them to study longer.
The most obvious problem of this proposal is it does not have clear consideration of the well-roundedness of education. Not everyone is bookaholic, some people just does not like to sit down quietly to read books or attend lectures. It is a matter of personal preference. A more athletic person would like to feel the excitement in an intense match due to adrenaline rush, while an aesthetic person would prefer the opportunity of seeing the beauty of the world instead of staying in school for any sort of activity. Apparently, schools should prioritize the diversity of subject over length of school day in order to better accommodate students with different passions.
Time distribution now becomes the crucial matter. As school hour increases from 6 to 8 hours a day, the 2 extra hours should be well s...

... middle of paper ...

...l time in developing their interests. It is their efforts and time spent lead to their success, not just because of their knowledge. They delve into their passion, this is what school should try advocating.
When school is able to help develop students’ interests by letting them have a larger variety of experience instead of focusing on certain activity or subject, they may eventually build up interest which they are passionate about. This passion is what drive them learn enthusiastically, not passively. In this way, students will pursue knowledge in depth even when they are off campus, and teachers will have more preparation time. Whether the student is interested in science, sports, or art, this will promote the school’s overall well-roundedness without significantly requiring more school hour. It is not the time spent in school matters, but the time spent to learn.

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