Essay about Education Is Important For A Successful Life

Essay about Education Is Important For A Successful Life

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Education is meant to be the key to a successful life. It is supposed to inspire great ideas, and prepare each and every generation for their future. However, school for today 's generation fails to meet those requirements. Every student knows education is important, but when school is not engaging or in some cases, even relevant, it makes learning difficult. Improving the school system is something educators attempt to accomplish every year. Despite their best efforts, there are numerous flaws students see, but adults overlook. There is a lack of diversity for students to learn, an overabundance of testing, and students’ voices are being ignored on how to create a more productive learning experience.
Students are unique individuals, and each one learns differently. As Patterson remarks, “When grading students, in the name of fairness, educators attempt to fit all students into the same box--and inherently unfair practice. We ignore the plain fact that students learn at different rates and in different ways” (3). Furthermore, teachers are the main source of knowledge in the classroom. When teaching, teachers determine almost everything that happens within their classroom. Including what information they have students learn, and how they pass on that information. However, over the years, it has been neglected that every student learns differently. Additionally, it needs to be remembered that it is the students who are learning. A school system is needed that can retain all students’ curiosity, individuality, and creativity. For instance, whether it is the amount of homework given, the type of test, the pace of teaching, or the style of notes required, students should not be confined to only one way of doing these things. Moreover, ...

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... are worth considering and possibly changing or worth throwing out. Any comments directed towards school staff would simply be sent to the addressed person, to review what their students felt they did well or should work on.
It is not that students do not value their education, it is simply that their education no longer inspires them. Human beings are naturally different, diverse, curious, and creative. However students are no longer free to learn how they learn best, and anytime kids try to voice their opinions on how to change something their ideas are quickly overlooked. In today 's school system students are drowning in tests and the anxiety they bring. But if this persists, how can society expect the students of today to rule tomorrow if they have never been allowed to think for themselves, let themselves be heard, and only look at life as a series of tests?

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