Education Is Essential For A Civilized Society Essay

Education Is Essential For A Civilized Society Essay

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Education enriches and empowers individuals to achieve beyond their imaginations, Education is a prosperous investment it perhaps draws a line between the rich and the poor. Not only our parents but also the greatest people of all times, have continuously placed a higher emphasis on education, However, what is education? Is it finding x, filling in the blanks or multiple choice? Or is it the price we pay for being humans. Sometimes the burden of school work is such that we start to reassess our priorities “do I really need an education” you ask yourself or maybe there is a shortcut to success. There’s no doubt that education is essential for a civilized society and also a key to personal growth. The question aises, is our education system doing enough or is it in need of a serious revision.

Ask any current student or graduate what they remember most from their high school experience, tests, rude teachers, packed classrooms. Shouldn 't these responses me more positive? Overall, learning process in the United States has become ineffective over the years despite its focus on common core the system is failing to prepare students for college or life in general. School has become nothing but a stressful race for students and sadly most are unable to cope and end it halfway. Provided that, tests seem to be a huge problem which range from classroom quizzes starting early in grade school to regents and SAT’S that assess or to be more precise have the power to grant or decline your acceptance to a college. This is not say that tests should be demolished instead to point out that there is more insistence on tests and less focus on other areas. In today’s world a college degree is crucial, why? Because without a degree or even with a degree...

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...ngly hard when I was sitting in my english class as a college student and our professor handed us a sheet filled with vocabulary, it 's alarming how many words were unrecognizable, either I had never seen them due to the minimum readings I did or I had forgotten them because I only looked at them before a quiz or a test.

As demote as this might sound the American school system is failing its mission. Students are somehow succeeding in the school process but in essences failing outside of school. Ask a high school graduate about the procedures of buying a house, in fact, they have yet to learn to write a check. Furthermore, take a look at their resume, most of them do not have one. Shouldn 't school provide a lifetime guidance after all we do invest a good amount of time in it, Thus, it is apparent that the education system is endangering the future of our nation.

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