Education Is Better Than Segregated Education For All Children Essay

Education Is Better Than Segregated Education For All Children Essay

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In 2014, the NSW government announced Disability Inclusion Act 2014, which clearly indicated that “NSW continues to be a place where people with disability have access to mainstream services and are part of their community” (ADHC, 2015). In regards to the Senate’s report (2016), I strongly agree to provide inclusive education in the mainstream schools and early childhood settings to facilitate all children 's learning needs. Although, some people believe that children with disabilities should attend special schools in order to receive sufficient support, and ABS statistic results show that “students with profound or severe disability, those attending mainstream schools received significantly less support than students with the same level of disability in special schools” (Senate’s report, 2016, p.64, 5.10). However, if the government could improve the learning system, it would be beneficial in supporting all children’s learning needs. In this position paper, I would like to discuss the reasons that why the integrated education is better than segregated education for all children, and three recommendations to the government will be justified at the end.

Historically, children with specific learning disabilities would be removed from mainstream classrooms and be placed in special schools (Wang, 2009). Such segregation negatively impacts on students who experience with disabilities and often leads to marginalisation of these children (Biklen & Burke, 2006). In 1994, the Salamanca Statement advocated that all children with or without disabilities should be able to receive education within their local schools’ regular classrooms (UNESCO, 1994). Being full members of the community is the basic right for all families and...

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...cialist schools or settings enable pre-service teachers to get first-hand experiences is crucial (Forbes, 2007)

3. Set up comprehensive support systems, and ensure the consistency of the provision of the support services in all regions (Reiser, 2013).
Studies found that the teachers who were not supportive on inclusion had great concerns about their competency in teaching children with special needs, and lack of support for curriculum development and teaching resources (Coates, 1989; Semmel, Abernathy, Butera & Lesar, 1991). Research results indicate that the schools that are having specialists and supporting personnel available to all students and teachers are executing better in inclusion (Winter & O’Raw, 2010). Furthermore, scholars suggest that collaborative support systems should be monitored and regulated to ensure the quality of the services (Reiser, 2013).

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