Education Is An Integral Part Of The Success Of A Society Essay

Education Is An Integral Part Of The Success Of A Society Essay

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Education is an integral part of the success of a society. Consequently, the decision to become an educator takes an extreme commitment, hard work and a concise and firm belief in a specific educational philosophy. As an educator I rely on my personal philosophy of education that all students can learn not only academic standards, but how to be a valued and productive member of society, through the modality that suits them best in an environment where they feel safe to freely express themselves and question their learning. My philosophy is constantly guiding my commitment to students and their learning, my teaching methods, my curriculum decisions and classroom management policies. This philosophy is undoubtedly aligned with the views of Pragmatism.
Pragmatists believe that, “Educators should be aware of the interests and motivations of children” to ensure that every student is being instructed in a way that peaks their attention, thus increasing their wiliness to learn (Ozmon 131). This belief not only aligns with my personal teaching philosophy, this belief aligns with the first proposition of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. The National Board for Teaching Professionals is an organization that certifies teachers as having the knowledge skills and abilities needed to advance their student’s learning. The Notational Board for Teaching Professionals’ first proposition states “Teachers are committed to students and their learning” This commitment is clearly seen in my classroom through my awareness of students’ interests and motivations. In a classroom of almost thirty students it is crucial to establish a relationship with each and every student promptly at the start of the school year. To help guarant...

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... have been a part of, then go further to determine what made this classroom so successful. They also work to determine how their actions or the actions of others may have led to a classroom environment that is not as beneficial. This allows students to reflect on their personal behavior without having to confess any wrong doing or assign any guilt. My methods make students more confident in their role and place within our classroom. Students are also responsible for determining the set of rules and regulations that they will abide by throughout the year, which also assists in their understanding of working together. In adhering to some of the views held by the philosophy of Pragmatism my students can set a standard for not only their own behavior, they are introduced to the concept that their education is not only their right it is also their responsibility.

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