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Education Is An Important Thing Essay

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Having to go to school is something that people dread to do, although education is what
drives most people to go forward. An education is an important thing to have because everyone would need it to be able to help in their society. Being able to receive a proper education is essential because one day someone might be able to overcome something that wasn’t able to be overcome in the past. Then any men, women, or even children can make the difference in the world, even if it is just a small difference. Even though with the goodness that someone has, it could help with the education that they have may be too much for them. What if thinking that they would think that they are better than anybody else just because of the education that they have received. While there are some who may not be able to have the same education as others, it would be unfair for the educators to help out the ones who look they could be active in society. Although even if there are some who want to give to society, how can anyone receive the proper education if there are others who are unwilling to teach properly.
Looking back throughout the years of the education; education has evolved. Education is an important matter in the lives of every person because one person can lead us into a greater society someday. Knowing how to be helpful as one grows up is a good thing, but what about those who could not get the right education that they deserved. If teacher/ professors receive a diploma into teaching, they would be expected to teach their students properly. Though what if the teacher is interested in teaching their students, so where does that leave them with their education. In “Against Schools,” by John Taylor Gatto, the author mentions who he had taught for...

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...a dictionary. “ In fact, prison enabled me to study far more intensively than I would have if my life had gone differently and I had attended some college,” (197). Seeing that you don’t have to go to school to receive some high education. Anyone can receive it any place they are or be self taught. Cause anyone can end up being someone greater than those with a diploma in their hands.
Even though no one really wants to go to school, but we have to cause education is important in our lives. We all may be essential to society one day so we can be helpful. It shouldn’t matter where any one receives the education, it should only matter that they have it. Whether if they have it or that they show the potential to of being able to make our society great again. It never matters on any, they can all be great even if don’t have what they are looking for out of all the students.

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