Essay on Education Is An Essential Right For Success

Essay on Education Is An Essential Right For Success

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Education is a major concern in modern society. Citizens demand the best academic development in their countries, as well as equal access to every socioeconomic level. At the same time, there are arguments in how education is effective for success and whether it impacts the improvements in the world. Consequently, there is always a distortion between the educational rights granted by the government and those responsibilities that need to be taken on this issue. However, is imperative to understand that education is more than an entitlement. It is also the citizens ' obligation to become educated and at the same time, there are multiple personal benefits earned through this academic privilege.
Supporters of human rights frequently promote education as an essential right for humanity. They also advocate that this pedagogical freedom must be guaranteed equally to all members of society without discrimination of any kind. According to the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (CESCR, as cited in McMillan ,2011), nations have the requirement to respect, protect, and fulfill the right to education (pg.535). In this argument, McMillan (2011) also explained that "Education is necessary for ensuring that students are adequately trained to become effective jobholders in their workforce" (pg. 538), meaning that as a result of this ideology, governments recognize that is indispensable to ensure an academic approach for a future trained society. Consequently, political agendas and laws should be centered with a constitutional structure that provides excellent educational programs for all communities. For example, the U.S. Department of Education (USDE 2014) explained the 2015 budget of the Obama administration; they stated t...

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In conclusion, even though the counterarguments of this research exposed misunderstandings of the importance of education in personal success, is relevant to comprehend that they are only exceptions to a universal rule in which high academic levels leads to future professionals that will improve society. It is also clear to conclude, that the marketing and consumption ideals of education cannot impact the access to students, since the government provides agendas that contributes to a quality access to minorities. On the other hand, it is evident to assumed that education is actually a right that offers personal privileges such as career achievement and social opportunities. It is the time for citizens to stand up and stop complaining on how society works, but to become educated and give back an academic capacity that can guide the country to a recovery.

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