Education Is An Essential Basis Of Good Life Essay

Education Is An Essential Basis Of Good Life Essay

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A college graduated person has a long and a better life than a person who has not gone to school because education is an essential basis of good life. According to , young men who graduate college statistically live an average 13 years longer than male high school dropouts, Young woman who graduate college statistically live an average of 12 years longer than female high school dropouts, and college graduates with a bachelor’s degree earn an average of $1.64 million dollars than high school dropouts over the course of a lifetime. Especially at this time, getting an education is compulsory in the developed world because education is necessary for many reasons and adds so much value to our lives. Most students believe that, education is only to earn good income, but education is the solution of any problem, it is the only education which promotes good habits, values and awareness toward anything like terrorism, corruption and much more. Even though education cost more money, we should pursue our education harder because it can help people to gain knowledge, and to be respected by people.
Those who choose not to pursue an education argue that college is too expensive. It is true that the cost of an education in colleges is so expensive. For example, if one student has gone to the University of Minnesota, and if he/she is a full time student, he/ she have to pay $18,000 a year. It is true that to pay this amount of money for one student in one semester is too much; however, they should have to continue their education because they have more chances to graduate without paying any money or with paying less money. One chance that can help students to graduate without paying any money is to sign up for free tuition...

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...o contribute his or her community and participate in the ongoing changes and developments because an educated person is treated to be wise, carefully and mentally good enough to judge things rightly. A Person who is completed in an advanced education has a more and better respected available to him or her because education has played a major role in the modern life of all individuals in the society.
Even though college education cost more money, I recommended everyone to go to college. To my perspective, without an education a person is incomplete, because education makes a person a right thinker and correct decision. There is a prover saying that, the more you have knowledge the more you gain, so education provides us knowledge about the world. Because an education is the most valuable things in life to achieve and possess, an educated person is praised everywhere.

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