Education Is An Approach On College Education Essay examples

Education Is An Approach On College Education Essay examples

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The importance of school has been emphasized for the people that come from the working class or people that do not have the most money, since a very young age. They have the idea from their parents that education will ensure a better future with a sure thing for financial security. However, not everyone wants to have the same education. Liberal education is an approach on college education that empowers and prepares people to deal with complexity, diversity, and challenge as said by Association of American Colleges & Universities website. It should not be confused with general education that is part of liberal education by being the education that is shared by all students. The lessons that are given are taught in a broader sense so that kids can learn about a certain subject for themselves and gain more interest in the certain subject to then go on to a specific field of interest. Education has proven to lead the world forward, so with this in mind many educators believe that kids need to learn for themselves to lead the future children to the same direction.
Liberal education does not only grow but adapts to the different people and change of times such as current issues and what the students find important to cause the change of the way things are taught. It is how colleges teach and now high schools are trying to incorporate liberal education into their schools. Teaching styles like common core are very controversial because even the students that are in it say that it does not work because of how many students have to rely on the other students and this does not make sense. If one student does not understand the material then how are the teachers sure that the other student sitting next to them knows and they both en...

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...he students end up confused and they do not end up learning at all. Home schooling is part of liberal education becuase they are being taught to be more independent. Being homeschooled has become more common because parents want their kids to focus and not be distracted by the other students or have religious beliefs included to their schooling.
Liberal education is used in colleges around the world and is what leads to better teaching. It forces teachers to learn along with teaching their students. This type of teaching comes from the thinking of Socrates, which had the biggest influence on colleges to make sure their students learn. This type of style has helped to change colleges and keep curriculum at a constant difficulty to continue to teach. There are many ways that students can learn so that is what every teaher has to think about and it has worked the best.

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