Education Is A Necessary Part Of Life Essay

Education Is A Necessary Part Of Life Essay

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ndela. More than ever before, individuals are encouraged to attain a postsecondary education as the value of knowledge has increased. Students are pushed to increase their human capital and to expand their education in order to become active members of society. In essence, education is a necessary part of life that will provide many benefits to everyone in the future. However, a college education is costly and many students struggle to pay off tuition. In consequence, students graduate, but their world soon becomes a nightmare.
College is ideally the right option for all individuals dwelling in America. Nevertheless, it creates a mountain of debt that students are unprepared for once they graduate. As seen in Andrew Martin and Andrew Lehren’s article, “A Generation Hobbled by the Soaring Cost of College”, “About two thirds of bachelor’s degree recipients borrow money to attend college, either from the government or private lenders…” Students are forced to take out loans because the increasing cost of tuition makes college almost impossible to pay off. In fact, many states have cut spending on postsecondary education causing colleges and universities to increase their fees so that they may be able to fund their institutions (Martin and Lehren). Unfortunately, this phenomenon has taken its toll on the students has made pursuing postsecondary training risky and hazardous. If this problem is not solved, graduates will spend their lifetime trying to pay off debt that will essentially deteriorate their credit scores. With low credit scores, students are unable to purchase their own homes or cars from the dealership and it will postpone their ability to live as independent adults because they will be forced to move back in with their pa...

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...e internet pose as helpers, but they use scholarship titles to try to steal money from those who apply. In “Top 10 Tips for Planning and Paying for College”, the author claims that one “should never have to pay a fee for scholarship searches” (9). It is important for those looking to apply to search for scholarships on reliable sources. There is no doubt that using scholarships is a great solution that helps students stay out of debt when going to college and it is the most effective in doing so.
In conclusion, education is the key to success. It leads society to prosperity and all individuals should be given the opportunity to seek a postsecondary education. Ultimately, solutions such as attending an in-state college, understanding the costs, and applying for scholarships can help open the door for students to be able to go to a community college or a university.

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