Essay on Education Is A Key Component Of The Social Body

Essay on Education Is A Key Component Of The Social Body

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Functionalist Talcott parsons once stated that education is a key component of the social body, just like the heart is integral to the functioning of the human body. To me this expresses that the importance of primary education lies in its ability to set societies core values and ensure they are passed on. Primary education teaches children an established set of ethics as well as how to treat each other and coexist peacefully and successfully as human beings. What particularly sparks my interest is how the broad spectrum of subjects and activities that children undergo during their time at primary school give them an opportunity to begin to shape their identities and discover their interests. My passion to become a primary school teacher originates from my younger sister being born in 2007. This uncovered my love to share my knowledge and help children. This also made me recognise that becoming a primary school teacher meant that I could live my life making a positive impact on society. I believe that everyone impacts society in different ways, but some more so than others, and I wou...

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