Education Is A Important Part Of A Student 's Education

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Every century education undergoes dramatic transformations that change and expand how cultures respond to learning. Two hundred years ago, education was something that only a select few received. In present day, survival is extremely dependent on the education that a person receives. Education is a significant part of the society, not only in the United States, but in other countries as well. Over the past couple of decades, many people have devoted their time and efforts into making sure that students across the U.S. are getting an education which will make them successful in life. An education like this involves the core subjects: reading, writing, math, science, and history. All of these subjects create a successful person in society, but there are a few fundamental parts of learning that seem to be missing. Many experts believe that artistic subjects will enhance the learning in the core subjects. Art, dance, drama, and music should be implemented as an important part of a student’s education because they encourage creativity and aid in the understanding of other subjects. Currently, they are not incorporated because many teachers are not trained for this kind of teaching and do not see the importance of art in education in the curriculum. I believe that they should be a part of every student’s education because of the impact they could make on students in the future. Many subjects that students are taught do not leave room for creativity. Art, dance, drama, and music allow students to be creative. Creativity encourages students to think for themselves and to come up with their own solutions instead of relying on specific instructions to come up with an answer. Eleanor Chute, the education editor for the Pittsburgh Post, inter... ... middle of paper ... ...heir skills. Art has the ability to enhance what is taught in the class rooms. Aspects of art deal with history, which is the basis of all core subjects. However, many teachers do not know how to implement this kind of education into their classrooms. They feel uncomfortable because they have not been trained to incorporate art with their standard curriculum. Training teachers is one of the first steps into making this essential puzzle piece of education become common practice. Without a lot of evidence to back it up, arts education has suffered because people look more at the cost, which can be expensive at times. This needs to become a part of every child’s education because it helps them to become a person who knows how to work with others, and it can instill confidence in them. It makes sense for art to be a part of the curriculum for every student in the U.S. is.
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