Essay on Education Is A Important Aspect

Essay on Education Is A Important Aspect

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Education is a very important aspect when it comes to a countries strength and longevity in the world. For a country to teach their citizens from a young age is necessary since they will at some point become the leaders of the country and the world. In America, children begin school no later than six years old and will remain in school until eighteen. At this point they can either continue their education, getting a bachelor’s degree, masters degree or even higher. If an individual does not choose to continue schooling, they will at least enter the workforce having a basic knowledge of Math, English, Science, and History. With education beginning so young, it allows for learning, in a way, to become a habit. By the age of thirteen American students have been in school for the majority of their life and that has become their norm. All they know by that point is school, having been too young to remember much of life before it. I feel this helps to emphasize the importance of educations. In other countries, an importance on education is not always the case. This can be seen when comparing China’s education system with Ghana. I will be discussing the education of the South African citizens during Apartheid and the abundance of effects that education has had on the country to date.
Apartheid was a system of racial segregation from 1948 to 1994 enforced through legislation in South Africa by the National Party government. The word Apartheid means “the state of being apart” which is an Afrikaans word. The government classified the population into four main racial groups which would be the premise of majority of the laws and policies to come for South Africa. The racial classifications that the government defined were White, B...

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... discrimination and segregation since the Apartheid has ended; however, there is much progress that still needs to be made. With the non-whites that are in power now, having a lack of education, many aspect of the government have suffered. Nevertheless, the current changes that have been put into action regarding education has provided the non-whites that are young now, the ability to learn the essential things needed for their future, the country’s future, and provide a wider scope of possible jobs. With all the citizens of South Africa having the same mandatory level of education, this will begin to diminish the academic gap between the whites and non-whites. If progress continues as the way that it has since the end of Apartheid, racial discrimination and segregation will decrease and the non-whites will stop being seen as an inferior, and rather as an equal.

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