Education Is A Broken Promise Essay

Education Is A Broken Promise Essay

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Education is a broken promise, a dream never turned into an actuality, or a possibility turned into reality. Many Native American youth can attest to the mocking hand of an educator who has told them sheer drive and stubbornness will be enough to sustain them through what is arguably, for anyone, the most difficult years of public education they may or may not be able to endure. Personally, it is not a challenge for me to remember the years I have undergone to jump through the hoops and obstacles of earning my high school diploma. Despite the different forms of poverty that bombarded me with social, emotional, and psychological issues, earning my high school diploma is truly a milestone I am proud of remembering. What enabled me to succeed was much more than the support I received in the form of grit, nuclear family stability, or stubbornness/drive. What enabled me was the opportunity for me to participate in my education with my family, networking with educators who honestly gave a damn about my future, and open lines of honest communication with everyone. Although most introductions expect a professionally outlined narrative documenting background accomplishments and goals, it is necessary I share with you what has always served as a fueling motivation for me to be an educator.
Whether I was found listening to my great grandfather, Paul Nakai Yazzie, outside of his humble home on the Navajo reservation; or, if I was found listening to my twin grandmothers, Arlene & Darlene Smart, talk to each other besides the plaza in Cochiti pueblo about their Ojibwa upbringing in Wisconsin; the narrative and storytelling remained the same. Stories were shared about altruistic behavior exemplified by individuals who shared the benefits of w...

... middle of paper ... the basic necessities of living. For example, my sister Kayla, also a FLC student, needed financial support before embarking to Japan for a year abroad – loans were taken out and it took a lot of my money, that I have very little of to begin with, to help alleviate the financial burden it placed upon my family. It is something frowned upon in most financially educated and savvy families, but as long as I am a daughter of my family, money is a tangible item that will be attained no matter how high the interest payment, unfortunately. Having stated this, financial money awarded to me would help me become financially stable and begin paying off loans. I have learned the hard way that managing money for my own well-being needs to be better managed for myself, alone. Thank you for your consideration of my scholarship application and I look forward to hearing from you.

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