Essay on Education in the Middle Ages

Essay on Education in the Middle Ages

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The middle ages consisted of the time period between 500 and 1500 A.D respectively. It is most well known as the time period that occurred after the fall of the Roman Empire- when the eastern world seemed to have plummeted into an age of regression and darkness. Education and civilization was seemingly wiped out and forgotten about because the barbarians that took over the lands in which Rome had once occupied were illiterate and power hungry. However, as uneducated as they may have seemed, they did understand that Rome only reached its height of such great power because of education. The barbarians who became emperors of their newly conquered and claimed land, had seen that written law helped maintain order and literate clerks were needed to keep track of charters, money and enforce the written law.
Charlemagne (768-814 A.D) was one of the most notable emperors who realized that education was necessary for not only order, but for his nation and other nations to persevere. He issued a decree which stated that all churches and bishops must create schools and educate all free men and serfs capable and willing to learn. These church run schools would eventually become one of the three main types of schools that came about in the middle ages. Those three schools, the Monastic school, the grammar school and the University, will soon be discussed.
While Charlemagne successfully set up one small school, most churches refused to set up schools that would educate free men and serfs. Eventually they even refused to accept anyone under the age of fourteen. These schools- typically called Monastic schools were set up specifically for teaching those who would later become monks and they wanted no part in educating those who were not planning...

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