Essay about Education in the Digital Era

Essay about Education in the Digital Era

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Education is a precious jewel which can create limitless pearls. In this digital era the world is already

flooded with knowledge, but one has to be kept in mind to gain useful and relevant knowledge.

Now in case of classrooms the content presented to the students should be interesting and it

should involve actively all the members of the classrooms for that if we have to take into account

the digital as well as psychological aspects of teaching then the class sessions would be more

interactive and appealing. The aim of education is threefold.

a) To get a certain level of learning.

b) To preserve ethical and social culture.

c) To develop professional competence

To fulfill all the aims of education we need to motivate students to learn things that are it is referred as

creating student interest and enthusiasm attention and concentration to the learning tasks. There are

some strategies for motivating students to learn.

1. Student interest in the subject matter should be captured by asking questions, by introducing

activities, games simulations.

2. The relevance of the subject matter should be highlighted that is the content should be related

to the everyday experiences and background.

3. The lesson should be designed to create curiosity, interest, desirable expectation, supportive

environment, student success etc.

4. Feedbacks and rewards for performance should be given time to time.

An educated person is able to adjust himself even in the unfamiliar situations. Education helps to

develop self-competency self-reliance, self-learning, self-appraisal. Concept of global education is very

common now a days which means to understand the realities and problems of the world around us

and awakens them to br...

... middle of paper ...

...ate their social, emotional and intellectual growth into one, which would help them to take better

decisions in their lives and contribute to the society.

Teacher as a Guiding Star

A teacher plays a pivotal role in character building, intellectual grooming and spiritual actualization

of students. Every child is unique and individual needs of every child should be met that is his innate

qualities or potentialities should be developed in such a way that he becomes an important contributor

in society.

It is not only essential for the teacher to have sufficient professional knowledge but also should have a

sweet temperament. Students should not hesitate while discussing their problems with the teacher.

Teacher should follow an approach which can help in inculcating the communitarian values, respect for

Globalism, Equity, Social Justice, human development.

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