Education In New Jersey Essay

Education In New Jersey Essay

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Education In New Jersey

My early educational experiences help shape the path of my life. Looking forward at this path was like looking into a dark cave. My educational experiences were the torches that light up the cave. These torches allowed me to maneuver around the traps of everyday life. I could have ended up at McDonalds or as some hairy, human byproduct smelling homeless person. The experiences that mostly affected my life happened in these three periods of my life: grade school, junior-high school, and high school.
Grade school was where I was first introduced to the stench of learning. The smell was a mixture between fresh paper and what ever cleaning products the school bought. During this time I went from jumping off the walls to a interactive statue. This shift caused me a lot of problems. The shift hindered my ability to participate in class. I ended up being to afraid of answering or asking questions in front of my peers. Even though I was forced to do plays in front of crowds, I still lacked the self-confidence to speak in front of my peers. This phobia probabl...

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