Education in Elizabethan England Essay examples

Education in Elizabethan England Essay examples

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The Elizabethan Era was a turning point in England's history. It marked an advanced new age of poetry and literature. Often referred to as the golden age in English history, the Renaissance brought new light to the citizens (“Elizabethan Era”). Thanks to Queen Elizabeth I (1558-1603), England emerged as a leading naval and commercial power (Pressley J.M.). In addition to becoming a major world power, England became a leading nation in education. As people became more educated, England was pulled out of the Dark Ages. The English Renaissance, which spanned from roughly the 1500s to the early 1600s, was a highly significant time for England. Queen Elizabeth came to power and encouraged education. She was a major advocate for the theatre ("English Online"). The popularity of the study of Greek and Roman texts increased as well (Turnpike, Sherman). As a wides all result of this sudden craving for knowledge, literacy among the residents of England improved greatly (Greaves, Richard). This literary Renaissance was a major turning point in history as education was seen as important. The education and literacy of the people of England was a crucial part of Elizabethan daily life because it allowed the people to flourish.
Young boys' lives were enhanced through their education, which therefore made it a central focus of their life. Schooling for young boys became very important in Elizabethan England. When they reached the age of five, boys would be sent to what was known as a "Petty School" (Turnpike 4). In these schools, the children would be taught to read and write English as well as learn basic manners (Turnpike 4). A young boy's basic education was extremely important. Their early years were a crucial time for learning. All t...

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