The Education Has Affected By Many Ideas Essay

The Education Has Affected By Many Ideas Essay

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Today, the education has affected by many ideas. Each one of them gives us a new vision for the education and the reason of it. The education gives us the knowledge and experience that we can use it in our daily life. This knowledge helps our minds to see everything around us with a new way. There are many people explain their ideas about the education and the college in their articles, like Adrienne Rich in her article “What Does a Woman Need To Know?” She discusses the importance of education in the women 's life. Also, Bell Hooks in her article “Keeping Close To Home: Class and Education” explains her personal experience with the education and how the education gave her place in the society. Moreover, John Newman discusses in his book The Idea of a University that the reason of the university and how the student can learn a different things that gives them the knowledge in different fields in the life.
Adrienne Rich discusses in her article “What Does Woman Need to Know?” the major problems that the women facing at the society; one of them is that today, men are in power and the women became powerless. Also, she gives us the solution of this problem from her view in her article. She wrote the women need to know that they cannot do anything without their education. Education helps everyone to gain more knowledge and become awareness person, and that helps the women to become self-conscious and self-defining. Additionally, she said the women need to know their history because everyone needs to know where he come from to know where he is going. If women would keep their place in the society, they should gain the knowledge of their history, and see how the women were in power in the past and they sho...

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... like Adrienne Rich, Bill Hooks, and John Newman. Every one of them explains his Idea about the education, but all of them believe that the diversity is an important thing that we can learn from it. The diversity between the people helps them to respect and accept each other, to one complement the other. We can learn from our classmates and from everyone around us because we just can study a limited number of courses in one major, but those courses maybe cannot answer all of our questions but we can know the answer when we ask someone know it. The education makes a difference in the society, and when the mother being educated, she can help her children to become better citizens and help their society. With the education we can make a better world where everyone uses what he learnt to help the others. At this time everyone will help, and receive the help from others.

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