Education Funding During The United States Essay

Education Funding During The United States Essay

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Education Funding in America
Over 300 years ago education has been a necessity to grow and develop societies and for the future. Since 1647 education and schools  has been a thing in the United States. Ever since that year education and schooling has thrived and taken off and has been made into something incredible. But learning does have a cost, and funding has been increasing but it still is not enough for students to get the education they need to succeed in life. Therefore when schools are given more money for more teacher, books, and equipment to help and benefit their students, the students tend to perform better in schools and on exams.
Massachusetts is known for being one of the best states for education. It is home to the best colleges and universities in the nation and has always had a large involvement in education. In 1820 the first ever High School in the United States opened and it was Boston English located in Boston Massachusetts. Before this schools at the time were still private which meant not everyone could attend due to money issues.  “In 1851, Massachusetts became the first state in the U.S. to enact a compulsory education law which meant parents had to send their children to school or else they were to be fined.” ( The goal of this was to make children get an education so they could contribute to society in the future. It was also a good way to learn obedience and good manners. After the law was put in place the rest of the United States began to follow. By 1917 every state in the U.S. had the compulsory education law enacted. Ever since the first High School funding for schools and each student has increased but in som...

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...ter in the classroom.
Each year states are increasing the amount of money they spend on each student, and hopefully that amount keeps increasing. In the near future I would like to see more money spent on schools and education in order for students to get the education they need to become successful in the real world. The more money spent on education, the better our students will perform which will then make us the education leaders of the world.
From the data found the more money spent on education the better the students do in school. Their GPA’s are higher along with their test scores and graduation rates, all due to the fact that the state is spending more money in order for their students to obtain the best education they can get and so they can be ready for the real world. Overall, more money for schools will result in better performances in the classroom.

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