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Academically gifted children make up approximately six percent of the total United States student population, with over three million academically gifted students, grades K-12, nationwide (NAGC). An academically gifted child is not necessarily gifted specifically in academics but may be gifted in other aspects of their life. However, all gifted students’ brains process and learn in much the same way. They are visual and special learners, but visual and special teaching techniques are not often used in American classrooms. Gifted students require an education tailored to their needs and abilities, but very few schools currently offer gifted programs to their students. In order for gifted students to have a fair chance at getting a good education, gifted education needs to be mandated and funded nationwide. Many petitions have been started for this cause and with enough signatures these petitions will be brought to those who have the power to enact laws that will mandate gifted education nationwide.
To better understand the importance of altering the education system to include gifted students, it is imperative to first understand exactly what it means to be a gifted student. The federal definition, located in the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, reads, “Students, children, or youth who give evidence of high achievement capability in areas such as intellectual, creative, artistic, or leadership capacity, or in specific academic fields.” Generally, gifted students are believed to be simply “different” from the average student; the odd ones out. However, the behaviors and traits that set these students apart are not the students making trouble but rather the students revealing their gifted side. Becoming “absorbed in ...

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