Education For Macro Intervention A Survey Of Problems And Prospects Essay

Education For Macro Intervention A Survey Of Problems And Prospects Essay

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In the reading, “Education for Macro Intervention a Survey of Problems and Prospects,” the author Jack Rothman discusses challenges facing Macro Practice in Schools of Social Work. Rothman’s concern is the lack of interest or lack of academic support for the community or administration macro practice in social work education. According to Rothman, this issue is not recent or unrecognized in the profession and among social work’s professionals. After reviewing the responses of his claim, Rothman suggests that students lack interest in macro practice due to short supply of scholarships and most school curriculums are primarily clinical, which neglects or marginalized macro courses.
From my perspective, this reading result is accurate and the author’s proposals are achievable, but can only be achieved through administrative levels. I agree that students are not aware of what macro level positions has to offer because many social work schools are research based and focused on clinical practice, which by default limits students’ understanding of what it means to be a macro level social worker. Issues such as these cannot be mended until social work educational curriculum require macro level classes, and until professors demonstrates that social work is not social work without macro level practices.
Unfortunately, when people think of “social work” they often think of a therapist or case manager, someone who works with the poor, neglected children, or older adults. These careers fall into the category of “Micro” social work and they involve face-to-face contact with clients experiencing socio-emotional difficulties. However, that is not all you can do with a degree in social work, which many students are n...

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...” “Why has the high school dropout rate increased so much over the past 5 years in this county?” “How should we go about amending laws so more children are protected from child abuse?” “How can we make our services more accessible to low-income clients/ low income communities?” Our group project was truly a journey, which we developed interventions and change policies to affect hundreds, or thousands, or perhaps millions in a community. I appeared administrative meetings, community organizer, and a policy analyst to effectively complete our project. However, in any of these cases we knew that the aim was to provide interventions that improve the lives of many individuals. We draw upon organizing, mediation, advocacy, and grant writing skills, among others, which was truly an amazing opportunity. Overall, I enjoyed this reading and my experiences from this class.

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