Essay on Education For Ethics And Human Resource Management

Essay on Education For Ethics And Human Resource Management

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Education for Ethics and Human Resource Management

In this research paper, it is suggested that two or three ethic courses should be given to some graduate or postgraduate students to implement it in works areas related to human resource management (HRM). HRM and ethics are very related to each other that can be given them to aimed, the firstly, if any situation happens in future about the ethical issues how he/he can deal it and the secondly to show the generalist public admin students is they involve to any issues to solve themselves. At the same some examples are written on the paper about HRM-Ethics related minor courses offered in NASPAA-accredited MPA program at Penn State Harrisburg. These courses are PADM 500, PADM 505 and PADM 512 which are prerequisite for PhD programs.

In this research paper Public personnel administration or Human resource capital is the central of the field of Public administration (PA) in the beginning of the Pendleton Act in 1887. According to my understanding, in early times in early public administration includes a strong and infolded practiced of ethical beliefs, not depends on the political corruption, which helped guide early personal management system. After the industrial technological improvement especially 1970s and 80s it is emphasized to relationship between HRM and ethics more intensively. Ethics and personality may develop closely, new ethics management duties will go inside on personality issues. In these cour0ses should be taught managing a diverse workforce, public service values, and sexual harassment. It is said there, during hiring process time HRM and ethics should be considered in detail. At the same HRM professionals work together with organizational leaders ...

... middle of paper ... the development
of modern personnel systems in the public sector and contemporary trends and practice in the federal, state, and local governments. Topics in the course highlight critical HR issues, such as recruitment, selection, appraisal, compensation, training, promotions, downsizing, and unionization and collective bargaining.

PADM 512: Issues in Human Resources

• Identifying and stimulating a public service mindset.
• Creating and managing a diverse workforce.
• Dealing with generational change and workforce/succession planning.
• Dealing with issues of harassment, incivility, and ethics in the workplace.


Ethics education in PA differed to give such reasons. Some grad programs do not go this way depends on such reasons. But HRM is strongly want to involve in issues that enhanced ethical awareness on the part of professional in this area.

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