Education: Entirely Useful but Not Essential for Individual Development

Education: Entirely Useful but Not Essential for Individual Development

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While man has been teaching and sharing knowledge since the beginning of existence, formal education is a more recent phenomenon. The actual structure of “school” was started by the Greeks before 5,000 years B.C. but other forms of education were taking place around the world in India, China, and the Middle East in the coming years. Since its beginning, people that were able to attend formal education were viewed as prestigious and successful, while less fortunate where thought of as incapable and incompetent in some respects. I believe that this has caused the misconception that formal education is essential for individual development, when it is only a useful part of a full repertoire of skills and knowledge for a successful and developed individual. To me, being “developed” means that it enables one to succeed in their environment. Formal education is without a doubt meaningful and convenient for anyone that takes it seriously, but it is by no means “essential” for the development of individuals. There are far too many situations and circumstances where success and development occurs from experiences that aren’t exactly “formal” for it to be deemed essential. Formal education is essential if all members of society are the exact same, but in reality more important factors include the specific individual, their personality, attitude, mindset, and societal situations.
Essential is defined as “of the utmost importance; indispensible; necessary” by Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Formal education is definitely beneficial for anyone fortunate enough to participate in it and take it seriously, because it provides the learning of academic skills and knowledge that could help any individual develop intellectually. At higher levels like ...

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... could. Individuals are in charge of their own development and what comes of their life. An equal society as a whole, not just in formal education, is a necessity for development. In a world where no two people are the same, the differences in learning and personalities are far too great for a singular object such as formal education to be essential.

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