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Education : Cross Border Education Essay

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One of the many driving forces that has affected the way in which we view education is, cross border education. Cross border education has opened new pathways in that now education can be obtained through distance learning (online). Technology is a key driving force within the globalization and internationalization realm of education. According to De Wit (2005), the internationalization of education is concerned with the process of integrating an international, intercultural, or global dimension into the purpose, function or delivery of higher education. It is because of technology that distance learning is even possible therefore providing access to an education.
Enrollment for online education has created barriers or what one can also refer to as “borders” that have not been dealt with in a traditional school setting. Students attending universities or colleges are no longer high school graduates living in dorms, but also working parents, soldiers overseas, or advancing professionals. Online education provides a remote classroom in which these particular students do not have to meet at a specific time or place, but at a time that is convenient for them. However, the use of technology for these courses is a border that students need to cross when “attending class.” The faculty members within the institutions that provide online learning have to modify and adapt to new ways to provide their teachings to online students by being creators of new “classroom” platforms. Not only are the faculty and students changing, so is the policy. Accreditation agencies have had to revise their policies on accessing the quality of education when evaluating institutions that provide online learning.
“We live in the 21st century”, a...

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.... Sadyvkova and Dautermann (2009), explain that there is a high probability for mismatches in technology access and skills among students around the world. Although online education bridged education to those at a distance it has created a technological barrier for students. Technology plays a vital role for them in online education because it is the platform in which education is provided and received. Faculty often come to online teaching as self-selected early adopters and are most often fine teachers whose intellectual curiosity leads them to devote time and energy to their projects (Gulnara & Dautermann, 2009). The faculty will use on-campus training as well as tutorials to learn how to provide their course online. However, because the professoriate is aging not all faculty members wish to acquire the skills needed to engage in online education (Mayadas, 2009).

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