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Looking back over the course of the semester, I feel that I learned many new and interesting uses for technology within the classroom – both for classrooms that have a lot of technology and for classrooms that are limited with technology. For the majority of the class, we utilized William Kists’ book The Socially Networked Classroom: Teaching in the New Media Age (2010), which provided multiple modes of instruction that both utilized and/or created technology. One of the first things that I remember, and consequently that stuck with me through the course’s entirety, is that individuals must treat everything as a text. Even a garden is a text. The statement made me change the way that I traditionally viewed Language Arts both as a student and as a teacher, as I very narrowly saw literature and works of the like as texts only; however, by considering nearly anything as a text, one can analyze, study, and even expand his/her knowledge. Kist (2010) states that society is “experiencing a vast transformation of the way we “read” and “write,” and a broadening of the way we conceptualize “literacy” (p. 2). In order to begin to experience and learn with the modern classroom and technologically advanced students, individuals must begin to see new things as literature and analyze those things in a similar manner.
One of the things that I really liked about the Kist book was that he considered the vast expanse of classrooms in regards to the amount of technology that is available to the students and teachers. He organized the book in three categories with the Starbucksesque order of short, tall, and grande. Each section combined activities for students that still created and assessed the same set of skills, but considered the availab...

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...s a teacher, infuse multiple modes of instruction within one lesson to help students with all intelligences learn and benefit from lessons.
In the end, this class has really opened my eyes to everything that is out there to supplement my teaching and my students learning. I am extremely happy that this class did not teach me how to use Microsoft Office , but I do wish that we could have had the opportunity to work more with the material rather than merely reading about the material. The Multimodal Task definitely allowed us to configure a lesson using and working with technology, but if we had more time, I wish we could have done more than one task to accomplish such goals.

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