Education Classroom And His Resource Classroom Essay

Education Classroom And His Resource Classroom Essay

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While observing Student A in both in his general education classroom and his resource classroom there were many things that stood out to me. The resource teacher, who has been teaching special education for 37 years, 17 in a self-contained and 20 in a resource class, believes that Student A belongs in a self-contained classroom. He would benefit from the learning experience, something that he is not getting right now. She informed me of her opinions before I worked with Student A but I tried to gage it for myself, however, when working with him I realized immediately that she was correct. He is severely behind his grade level in the academics and while he has no problem talking, it often does not make sense.
Once the resource teacher taught the TPR, I took Student A to a separate table where we discussed it. Using his body to explain the idea “2 factors when multiplied together = a product” both helped and detracted from his understanding. It was helpful in the respect that he was able to remember that way that he was supposed to write the equations but harmful because it was harder for him to articulate what it was when he could just use his body. For example, when I would ask what the “x” symbol meant, he would cross his arms instead of saying “multiplication”. In the long run I think it was more helpful because he was able to write equations when given two numbers.
When we reviewed skip counting by 2s, 3s, 5s, and 10s, Student A was slightly successful. We Rally Robined skip counting by all of the numbers then he did it on his own with only a little help. He was able to skip count by twos up until 20 at which point he had to count to on each finger to figure out what number was next. The threes were the most chal...

... middle of paper ...

...n task with most things. She does not change any of the assignments, to my knowledge, but does try to give him the support he needs. However, in a class with 32 students, it is very difficult. Seeing Student A in both his general education classroom and the resource classroom was enlightening because it allowed me to see how he acted and what he understood in two different settings. He made little to no progress in the general education classroom but was much better in the resource class. Even though he is not at grade level, the resource class gives him more confidence with the information that he does know. I think that the resource teacher is amazing in the way that she is able to connect with all of her students, make them understand, and give them the confidence that they need. I hope to be able to have the same effect on my students that she has on hers.

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