Education and Training Comparisons Essay

Education and Training Comparisons Essay

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Education and Training Comparisons
Education and training are two modes of learning and the phrases often appear interchangeable. Discerning the two is a matter of semantics for some, and for others, it’s a basic necessity (Loop, n.d.). The Oxford English Dictionary states training is “teaching a particular skill or type of behavior through regular practice and instruction” while education is described as “the process of educating or being educated, the theory and practice of teaching” (Gibbs, T., Brigden D., & Hellenber, D.,2004, pg. 5). Both training and education share the fact that both take place in both formal settings and informal ones. A formal setting for education is a school, while that for training is usually done in trade schools, seminars, and/or organization’s training classes. Informal setting of both is when people take up these processes away from curriculums and use/find materials through the internet, DVDs, videos, and/or libraries to self-acquire knowledge and skills (Kumar, 2011; Loop, n.d.). Accurate comparison and contrast of the terms education and training is done by clarifying their purpose, history, and methodology (Kumar, 2011). Table 1 summarizes the differences between education and training (Fortino, 2014).
The difference? It's the difference between know how and know why. It's the difference between, say, being trained as a pilot to fly a plane and being educated as an aeronautical engineer and knowing why the plane flies, and then being able to improve its design so that it will fly better. (Essenhigh, 2000, para 2)
The purpose driven from education is in the answering of the question ‘why’ in learning. This is only giving an explanation and insight understanding to events, occurrences, and na...

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