Education and the Examples of the Chile and Canada Reforms Essay

Education and the Examples of the Chile and Canada Reforms Essay

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1. The overarching objective of educational policy-makers in developed nations is to make sure each child gets a good education, so that each child is more prepared to contribute to the economy and uphold the economic prosperity. This is why many reforms are in place to better educational systems as stated in a 2012 article by Bensimon, Alicia, Dowd, Longanecker, and Witham. They indicated that, “The nation is in an era of policy reform aimed at improving the productivity and effectiveness of higher education”(Bensimon, Dowd, Longanecker, & Witham, 2012). Without a respectable education, it is harder for people to contribute to the economy like they should.
2. The goals of educational policy-makers in developing nations are to build social stability, improve health, increase economic production, and improve social outcomes. These are different from developed countries goals because they are trying to become stable. They have not yet established a well functioning social hierarchy like a developed country. In addition, health care is not as advanced in developed countries, lacking appropriate public health knowledge, social health programs, and medical advancement. Developing countries also differ from developed countries by the lack of infrastructure. With no infrastructure, economic growth is dubious. “It inhibits access to health care, education, and markets” (USAID, 2012). All in all, developing countries are making efforts to become more developed, so they are working on sustainable development, while developed countries are more concerned with bettering their selves and their economy.
3. The neoliberal approach to educational policies in developed nations is to insert a more focused business model of education like the Chic...

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... of within the economy.  
Bensimon, E. M., Dowd, A. C., Longanecker, D., & Witham, K. (2012). We Have Goals. Now What? Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning, 44(6), 14-25. doi: 10.1080/00091383.2012.728948
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