Education And The Effect Of Selfishness, Social Class And Consumerism Essay example

Education And The Effect Of Selfishness, Social Class And Consumerism Essay example

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Education and the effect of selfishness, social class and consumerism

In grade school, we were taught to listen and behave; learn and memorize what was in the text books. In high school we started learning to be more independent in our studies, rather than relying on a teacher who still helped and taught, but not like we had in grade school. In college, we are taught to analyze and critically think independently but still had the help we needed from the professor. With teachers being there, guiding us through every step, why does the teacher get the blame for when students fail. A students’ education comes down to selfishness, social class, and consumerism; not on the teacher who is there to help us in ways they are allowed. How can we better our surrounds in education where students are wanting to achieve a higher learning?
In the “banking concept of education”, Freire points out the relationship between a student and teacher. The teacher is meant to fill the student with memorized text book information, which he states is meant to narrate the students to be petrified and lifeless. (Freire, par. 1). By receiving, filing, and storing the information they are able to memorize information that is meant for them to have a lack of creativity. It isn’t meant for them to transform knowledge in the misguided system. I don’t think a teacher intentionally or wants to narrate and misguide the student in anyway other than to educate them. But on the other hand, I feel the oppressor controls education by dictating what materials should be used in order to preserve a profitable situation for themselves; by using their humanitarianism to keep the students creative power annulled and stimulation of the truth from being exposed and transforme...

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...y continuously changes. The teacher is not the one I see having the effect of students failing, or not wanting to try. The oppressors keep the student down, society invents new technology and trends; consumerism is an excuse that satisfies and justifies who students are becoming. So how do we make the future for higher learning from being side tracked with all other obstacles that have students to where we are being kept down; something that has been exposed and learned over time? It shouldn’t be about wealth to where social class is an issue of the quality of education a student receives. Students shouldn’t feel the need for their professor to bow to them but rather to explain to them, educate them, and develop their own individuality. And schools should focus on the education of a student, rather than conforming to the consumer needs of others for the student.

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