Essay about Education and Religion

Essay about Education and Religion

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Religion is the foundation for all societies and cultures. Religion makes people who they are. Because the United States was founded on the principles of religion, the citizens of this country can practice whatever religion they like without being persecuted. The liberties provided under the Constitution allow individuals to practice their religious beliefs openly and without judgment. These beliefs provide guidance and structure in the lives of these individuals. Religion influence many aspects of day to day issues such as life choices, dress, and education. Religion is an important entity in the lives of many. Religious freedom includes the right to assemble for private and public worship, determine the conditions of membership, give religious instructions, preach its message publically, and publish and circulate religious material (Religious Freedom).
Religion has been a heated topic since the beginning of time. People have been shunned, ostracized, sacrificed, and killed because of their religious beliefs. These acts take place because individuals have different views about religion. Religion is personal which evoke a strong emotional response. When an individual attacks another individual’s religion they are essentially attacking the individual.
Since varying views about religion do exist, it is important to remember everyone in this country has the right to worship how they see fit. Because the United States allow the practicing of many religions, hundred are in existence today. The British settlers established their own religion when they came to America. As more and more immigrants made America their home more and more religions began to emerge. The top religions in the United States ar...

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