Essay about Education And Poor Families : Education

Essay about Education And Poor Families : Education

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Education and Poor Families
Have your parents talked that education can change your life and let people become a wise person? For the older generation, education is very important because an illiteracy does not know how to make decisions and he does not understand how to pursue happiness. For poor families, they are willing to learn new things because they want to adapt the society and they want to improve their living condition. Learning is a way to help people to develop their brain and they can use the knowledge to think logically. Many people believe that the United States has a better education than their native countries, so they choose to start a new life in the new place and they want to let their children get an education. After they graduated from the college, many people can find a job. For example, people who can learn career skills from technical school get a job into factories. Because the educational system fails, many people lost a chance to study. However, many poor families want to support the educational system reform because they can reduce the influence of economic problems, unequal education, and many people have a high exception of education.
The first main point is to reduce the influence of economics problems. In the society, the economy is the most important part in the society. The relationship between the society and school is very important.Without a diploma, a person needs to get support from the government and his lowest income cannot satisfy his basic needs. For example, “Educational failure has huge economic costs. Over a lifetime, high school dropout can expect to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars less than his counterpart who is equipped with a diploma.The money that dropouts fail to earn is ...

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...reform. The economics system can bring a huge influence on the society. Many schools are closed because the government does not have enough money to support. Also, schools need lots of money. For example, the fees for books, teacher’s salaries, the cost of facilities etc. The unemployment rate starts to increase because people cannot handle the job without education or technical skills. For many people, making the money is a way to help them to adapt in the new world. Unequal education reduces many opportunities for poor people. Many immigrants believe that they can change their lifestyle and the education is a progress to help them to reach their goal. Since poor families cannot earn enough money to support their children to gain an education, they still believe that education makes their children become smart and their children will have more choices in their life.

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