Education And Its Impact On Health Essay

Education And Its Impact On Health Essay

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Education is one of the greatest determinants. Relatively simply, the more schooling people have the better their health is likely to be. Though closely linked to income and occupation, the evidence indicates education exerts the strongest influence on health. This has been demonstrated in multiple facets over the past forty years. For instance, further formal education displays a frequent correlation with lower death rates; less education the opposite. In addition, studies show higher levels of risky health behaviors such as smoking and obesity, to be associated with less schooling (Freudenberg & Ruglis, 2007). As such, finishing secondary school has become a useful measure of educational attainment due to its influence on health.
Completion of high school is commonly known for being the baseline requirement for higher education and employment. Even though educational benefits differs by sex, age, and race/ethnicity, current policies exacerbate education-related health disparities (Freudenberg & Ruglis, 2007). Further, health gaps between those who are well educated, and people who are not has intensified in recent years. Good education leads to multifaceted gains. On the whole, the more schooling people have, the greater their earning potential. This better permits individuals to procure better housing, more healthful food, higher quality medical care and health insurance; factors commonly connected to improved health (Freudenberg & Ruglis, 2007). These afford people the chance to climb the socioeconomic ladder, gaining power and prestige along the way, both of which are also linked to superior health (Freudenberg & Ruglis, 2007). Completing high school is also a gateway to college, which offers further future benefits.
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... middle of paper ... Therefore, a comprehensive framework outlining the processes by which various types of health programs reduce dropout rates is currently unavailable.
While the evidence illustrates education plays a vital role in future health outcomes, rarely have public health professionals made it a priority. With some exceptions, health providers and researchers have not built strong enough relationships with schools to gain the necessary evidence for improved health programs seeking to reduce school dropout rates. Unfortunately, poor health has been shown to hinder a child’s educational aptitude. Yet, there is potential to improve school achievement through various school-based health interventions. As such, cultivating higher graduation rates is a task that could bring educators and health professionals together in research and for advocacy that betters the lives of youth.

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