Education And Its Impact On An Individual 's Life Essay examples

Education And Its Impact On An Individual 's Life Essay examples

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Education and its impact on an individual’s life.
There is always an incident that one can remember when the person think of a fundamental change that shifted the whole perspective of life. This change could be the result of the lessons that the life gives us through different experiences in our life or it could be learned by making a mistake. Another great aspect that have the ability to produce pattern shift in life is education. My education has produced paradigm shift in my life similar to that felt by Douglass. Fredrick Douglass was the most famous and respected African American in U.S. In Douglass’s life. In his autobiography, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, Douglass mentioned that “the turning point” of his life was when “he learned how to read and write” (Douglass 24). Mrs. Auld, his master’s wife, taught him alphabet illegally. Since, at that time, “slaves were forbidden to read or write” (Douglass 24). Later, Douglass was on his own to learn how to read and his only guide was the children’s books. As time went, Douglass was forbidden to even stay alone in a room for a long amount of time. Since, his masters thought that he would be reading newspaper or some other things. So, Douglass had to use different strategies to continue learning reading and writing. Douglass always felt that there is a link between education and desire for justice. His education later helped him escape slavery as well.
I can also relate to Douglass, since the turning point of my life was also when I learned how to read and write in English. I feel that having education of English language gave me the voice in United States. Before I started to learn English, It was hard for me to showcase my views and ideas towards different thin...

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...they would not have an answer to that question. For example, in India, teachers give us a prompt for essay and also gives us the whole essay written out for us. We just have to memorize the essay and write it down when we are asked to do so in an exam. So, when I came to United States and was asked to write an essay for the first time, I was in shock because I could not gather ideas in order to write an essay.
In United States, we actually have both theoretical and practical knowledge. We don’t just “learn something” we actually “learn about something”. This can be a reason why America is a world power while India is still a developing country. There is so much raw talent in India, however, it is not directed toward the right path. Thus, many Indian people who have that talent seek opportunities in foreign countries like America, Canada, Australia, U.K, and others.

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