Essay Education After High School Is Not Found

Essay Education After High School Is Not Found

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Education after high school is not found in my blood. Higher education has never been experienced in my family before. Manual labor is what I learned to know. Hard work and determination is in my bones. I will to be unlike everyone else in my family; I will be the first person to take on college.
Growing up as a child, my parents would bring me to the babysitter’s house five days a week. I would jump into the cold leather seats of my mother’s shiny, silver Ford every morning. Most people were still sleeping in their beds when we left at five o’clock in the morning. I could not see anything the whole car ride because of the charcoal black morning sky. Arriving at the house would always excite me. I knew that I could go back to sleep for a couple hours before all the other kids would arrive at the babysitter’s house. About ten hours later, my hardworking father would come pick me up in his old, dull, rusted red pickup truck. For some reason I was always ashamed of the truck. The truck wasn’t a fancy new vehicle that all the other kid’s parents would drive. After a long day, the truck didn’t really bother me because I was ready to go home. Waking up at five o’clock in the morning and leaving at three o’clock in the afternoon became my routine. This daily routine I would learn to know.

“Kiersten we won’t be taking you to the babysitter’s house anymore.” my mother firmly said. I questioned my mother by saying, “But why mom, why would you stop taking me there?” She replied, “It’s for your own good. It is time for you to learn how to do things on your own.”
So that was it, I was never allowed to go back to her house again. I was upset by this because I loved going to her house to play with all of my friends. Not being able to go back...

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... of my senior year. This was because, my caring parents wanted me to realize that I did not want to work in a factory the rest of my life. Sure enough I realized that factory life wasn’t for me. The constant repetition of making parts was boring to me. The long sleeved uniforms seemed outrageous. I could not see myself working there the rest of my life. The only beneficial part about working in a factory was making enough money to pay off my first year of college.
I want to be different than my mother and father. I don’t want to end up working in a factory my entire life. Instead, I want to be on the sidelines of a sporting event as an athletic trainer. Graduating with my degree will take a lot of hard work and determination, but I have a lot of passion to drive forward. The future ride will be rocky, but nothing will stop me. I will be the first to take on college.

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