Education : A Missed Opportunity For Public Health Intervention Essay

Education : A Missed Opportunity For Public Health Intervention Essay

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Aristotle once said, “The educated differ from the uneducated as much as the living differ from the dead”. Education is a process of learning new information and putting that information into practice. For example, educating oneself on a new diagnosis of hypertension or diabetes and how to manage it. By becoming familiar with the disease process, this can lead to individuals learning to manage their symptoms and have healthier outcomes. The following information has been gathered to show the importance of education in the health care field, and how education as a social determinant of health can affect the livelihood of different populations.
In the article, Education: A Missed Opportunity for Public Health Intervention, the importance of early education results in potentially better outcomes in the future. Putting children into early educational programs before kindergarten can enhance their reading level. Cohen and Syme go on to say that, “As a result, one’s reading level may improve neurocognitive health and mitigate health disparities” (Cohen and Syme, 2013, p. e2). Beginning education at a young age is essential in establishing a cornerstone on which individuals can continue building a strong tower of education throughout their lives. When the time comes, these building blocks of education can assist the individual in making decisions about their health and wellness, as well as, maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
Low, Low, Baumler, and Huynh continue the literature review in their article. They discuss the importance of literacy and how it influences lifestyle. Literacy, they say, is “related to multiple aspects of health including knowledge about health, personal health status and the use of health services (Low et al., 20...

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...ght as to what areas impact the patient population the most. Many local grocery stores and libraries provide opportunities to learn more about health disparities. By using the WellRx screening tool, the provider can give a list of places that the patient can attend to learn more about certain disease processes.
In conclusion, education is something that should be a lifelong journey. Whether someone has an illness that will last a lifetime or if they just need a better understanding of health care, it is important to know the persons level of education and motivation for learning. As a provider, educating patients is not something that ends after a clinic visit. Promoting the education they have learned will only enhance the probability that they will have better health outcomes in the future because they know more about their illness and how to manage it properly.

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