Educating Youth Determines the Advancement of Society Essays

Educating Youth Determines the Advancement of Society Essays

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What determines the advancement of a race?
What is the best way to ensure the success of society? Some would say putting rules in place that will serve as the framework for a strong society is the best way to ensure success. Others might argue that strong leadership is the most effective way to make certain that a society is on the right track to prosperity. But, neither of these ideas is the greatest way to guarantee the prosperity of a community. The only faultless way to assure the forward progress of a group of people is by educating the youth. The best reflection of the direction that a community is going to go is by the intelligence of its young people. If young people are educated, then those who are older in society can rest assured that what they have worked hard to build is in good hands. W.E.B. Dubois was a huge advocate for extensively educating children from a young age. He believed that children are the future, and society can only go as far as they take them. This is even more prevalent in the African American community. The black man is innately endowed with the blessing that is white privilege. “They were fine, straight, clear-eyed boys, white enough to “pass” (Dubois 8). As Dubois states if you are not white you may already be behind the 8-ball. It has been said that blacks live as two people inside their own minds because they have been forced to believe that their true, black self is not good enough. The term “double conscious” is one that was coined by W.E.B. Dubois. He created this word to describe the severed mindset of blacks in the diaspora. Dubois explains that the only way for the black community to move forward positively is to break out of their double conscious mindset. Simply breaking out is not eno...

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...when one group of people are given the power to control another. Throwing those memories out of our minds would be the worst decision that we, as the black community, could make. Teaching that they are royalty in their own right is the best time to teach a child. This has even been evident since biblical times “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” (Proverbs 22:6)

Where this nation goes is completely dependent upon the youth of this generation. What we teach the youth now determines what they will do in the future and how they will govern this country. It is crucial that young black children are taught their heritage and culture. Knowledge is power and the more the youth know, the more they can affect what transpires around them. These lessons need to be taught early and constantly to ensure their effectiveness.

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