Educating Students With Emotional and Behavior Disorders Essay

Educating Students With Emotional and Behavior Disorders Essay

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In reading chapter seven of the textbook, the education of students with emotional and behavior disorders was not common before the turn of the twentieth century. Before children were thought of as having mental illnesses, many researchers thought that this was only diagnosed in adults. For a child to be known to have a mental issue back in the nineteenth century was said to be evil or satanic. It was very challenging to study emotional behavior disorders in children. Unfortunately, there was no way to describe the disorder. Doctors and professional were terrified to admit that children could have mental illnesses. In the 1960’s, schools began to service students with emotional behavior disorders but they were generally still considered to be ill. Although students with emotional and behavior disorder were in school, it was still the responsibility of doctors and psychologist to service the needs of the students. During this time, there were three ways of identifying emotional behaviors. The first was called functional approach, the second was mental hygiene movement, and the third, behaviorism. There was a period from the 1930’s to the 1950’s were children were being observed to classify various types of emotional behavior disorders. By 1975, during the passing of public law 94-142, students with emotional behavior disorders were now being served in the public schools. Since the passing of the law, professionals have researched interventions and ways to treat children with emotional behavior disorders.
IDEA definition of emotional disturbance is argued with the term emotional and behavior disorder. According to some professionals it is a biological problem and to others it is a psychological problem. Many professionals think th...

... middle of paper ... many of our students do not receive the proper mental health services. I had a third grade student that had emotional and behavior issues due to a chronic illness. His behaviors were so severe that he had to be placed an alternative setting with other students with this disorder. His mother was in denial that the student needed a change in placement and she thought that we just wanted to get rid of the child. After several meetings with the parent and having her meet with the parent advocate she became more acceptable to helping her child. This caused the parent to have a better relationship with her child and with the teachers that were educating him. In our school district, we have special education parent advocates that are there to make sure our parents are aware and knowledgeable about special education and the services that are provided for them.

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