Essay about Educating Students With Children With Disabilities

Essay about Educating Students With Children With Disabilities

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Full inclusion or mainstreaming is one of the most talked about and also debated topics. For parents and educators main streaming students is a difficult choice, there are many factors that go into main streaming a child with any disability. There are many types of disability’s that students can have in a school, such as a learning disability or a physical disability that could impare them learning to their full potential. Mainstreaming or inclusion is educating students with disabilities along side students with out disabilities in a regular classroom. In this essay I will be talking about five different exceptional learners and the factors it will take to mainstream them. Each one of these students will have an IEP with is an individualized education plan which will help the teacher learn more about the student and the resources that student will need to succeed in school.
When going about mainstreaming a student and putting together their IEP you first have to identify if it is a learning disability that they are struggling with or if it is a physical disability that they are ...

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Essay on Educating Students With Children With Disabilities

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