Educating Students At A Boarding School Essay

Educating Students At A Boarding School Essay

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In addition to reducing reports of poor behavior, this action research project will study how to best subconsciously motivate female residents in a boarding school environment to pursue good behavior and actions without having to be specifically instructed to do so. Both students and faculty must be operating on an equal level of respect and understanding so that there is greater flexibility and therefore, a better quality of life for all parties involved. If there is a relationship between the faculty and students that is based on trust and respect, as opposed to opposition and anger from being corrected for their actions, then the smaller dorm community will prosper. It will then become a desirable place to live where students and faculty strive to be the best possible version of themselves and positive contributors to the greater community. This literature review focuses on culling information from various aspects of adolescent development as it relates to a reduction of less desirable behaviors, in the case of this action research project, within a female house at a boarding school.
Dr. Robert Brooks (2015) believes, “we must never underestimate the incredible influence of an educator to change the course of a student’s life either in a positive or negative direction.” Because of this, Brooks focuses on the education of the “whole child” and the idea that in doing so there is an increase in the child’s motivation, self-discipline, and sense of responsibility. Additionally, by educating the whole child, academic instruction is enhanced.
Brooks encourages teachers to model the concept that “students don’t care what you know until they first know you care”. This model allows teachers to demonstrate to their students th...

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... know that a particular transgression is a misstep-and that you believe in her and expect that she will learn from this experience-often has a positive effect on self-esteem. On the other hand, continually saying ‘What’s wrong with you?’ can erode a girl’s self-esteem”. It is important that mistakes have consequences, but that the consequences are delivered in a supportive context. The idea that mistakes or “missteps” as Deak calls them, are a way of learning and growing is a valuable lesson for the girl’s self-esteem. This also applies to adolescent brain development as there is research that shows that mistakes allow the brain to learn and remember more than if tasks are preformed correctly the first time (Deak, 2012). Deak encourages parents and educators to be both nurturing and challenging in helping girls identify the choices that they have in front of them.

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