Educating School Leaders For Social Justice Essay

Educating School Leaders For Social Justice Essay

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Educating School Leaders for Social Justice
According to Cambron-McCabe & McCarthy (2005), school leadership programs inherently face the challenge of preparing ne leaders who can critically investigate the sructures and norms that necessitate inequitable schooling; and can undertake stringent measures to influence educational policies that will promote social justice in schools. This is aso affirmed by Jean-Marie, Normore, & Brooks (2009), who state that a growing concern in 21st century is whether or not school leaders can create schools that advance the rights and education for all children. This reality begs the question as to what measures can be employed in educating school leaders for social justice?
The first manner to educate school leaders is to initiate attitudinal change in how the differences of students are perceived by the educational system. According to Jean-Marie et al (2009), in the years gone by, education administrators perceived human differences innate in students as deficiencies. In this regard, students with disabilities, impaired reading capabilities, slow memorization; students from poor economic backgrounds were intrinsically left unattended to. Therefore, as Jean-Marie et al. (2009), argue, it is imperative that emerging student leaders be educated on the need to change their attitude to reflect a broader inclusion of the economic, social, and political education needs of students.
Secondly, education leaders can be educated to employ the use of micro-political skills in promoting positive social outcomes in schools. To this effect, education leaders can employ these micro-political skills in altering resources and the manipulation of education al symbols to reduce inequalities, while increasing th...

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...nts will more likely feel included, and attended to, and, therefore, feel no need to be aggressive.
Although social justice is a fairly new concept in the modern society, it is nonetheless, an important facet that has continuously shaped political, economic, and socio-cultural progressions since its inception. It is based on the principles of justice, fairness, equity, and equality in the distribution of society’s resources across multiple groups for the benefit of all. Within the school system, social justice is important because it promotes inclusivity thereby reducing discrimination by equalizing educational resources for all students. Nevertheless, for social justice to be realized holistically in schools, it is of necessity that educational leaders be educated on the need for attitudinal change as it pertains to the differences displayed by students.

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