Educating Our World : Bettering Myself And My Community Essay

Educating Our World : Bettering Myself And My Community Essay

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Educating Our World:
Bettering Myself and My Community Through a Career in Teaching
If you ask any child what they want to be when they grow up you will receive a variety of aspirational answers such as, astronaut, firefighter, or president. However, from a young age, I strayed from these conventional answers and instead offered one that was not widely accepted as viable: “something important.” I was always immediately prompted to elaborate on this vague answer but I had no further information, all I knew is that I wanted to make a difference. “Important,” by my definition, did not mean a career of high rank or status but one of great value and influence. As I grew older I pondered what this “important” career may entail, however, it was not till fairly recently that I came to my conclusion: teaching. What better way to make an impact on the world around me then influencing the people that will eventually become its greatest leaders and thinkers? My determination, optimism, and joy in seeing others succeed would allow me to achieve unforeseen success in this field. As a teacher I would be able to be the influential presence I always strived to be, better my community, and exercise my most outstanding qualities.
My initial aspiration to pursue a teaching career came from a surprising source. I would love to say that I was inspired by an outstanding teacher from my past however, my will sparked not from my best teacher but from my worst. Far too often as I journeyed through my educational career, I found myself sitting in front of someone that lacked both the will and dedication to truly challenge and inspire me. This is not to say every instructor I had was subpar, I have had some truly amazing teachers in my time. My goal, esse...

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...stakes, and higher expectations of a highschool setting appeal to me and would, in my opinion, allow me to excel in this career. Additionally, high school 's close proximity to college requires teachers to not only dole out information to students but tech real life skills for the future.
So when I truly contemplated what I was searching for in my “important” career I found that a career in teaching best fit my goals and aspirations. I aspire to make an impact on each of my student’s lives as they become the leaders and thinkers they are destined to be. The flexibility of hours and location suits the lifestyle I desire and will allow me to teach abroad to make an impact not just on my society, but our world. A career in teaching will allow me to learn and grow along from my students and allow me to excel and be the change in my society I have always wanted to see.

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