Educating Children And Their Inner Talent Essay

Educating Children And Their Inner Talent Essay

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When deciding to have children there are many things that need to be taken into consideration. Some of these things are how to raise them, schooling, the financial responsibilities, support from family and friends, and many other aspects. When raising a child I feel that each parent should show his or her unconditional love to the child each day and in everything that the child does. When this is done, the child will know that he or she is loved even if they mess up a little bit and that everything will be ok. If children do not know that they are loved then they will feel like they have no place in the world and that they cannot do anything right to please their parents.
Some feel that children are inherently sinful and willful or they are basically good and that under optimal conditions, their inner talent will emerge. When thinking about raising children I believe that they are basically good and that under optimal conditions, their inner talent will emerge. Children for the most part do not do anything intentionally. When they do something wrong they think that they are doing the right thing because they do not know the difference. If a young child grows up watching violent TV shows, then they do not know that being violent is not the right way to solve different issues that come up through out life. When a child grows up in a relaxed environment they will see that they can get through life with out violence. A child’s inner talent will emerge when they are raised under optimal conditions. When younger and children are playing if they are in a clean environment with educational toys, they will learn quicker and they will want to learn new things each day. This shows to be true when a child finds something that they excel in. ...

... middle of paper ... pictures, this helped us to remember different times that we all spent together. It was hard on my family, but we are all to a place where we are accepting what has happened and feel some balance back in our lives.
From thinking about these questions there are many different ways that one can see how a child acts. It is truly an opinion, and each person can see it that there are pros and cons to both being inherently sinful and basically good. This can depend on the way that each person is brought up and the way that they live their lives. Each person also will go through both a normative and non-normative event through out his or her life. For each person it can happen during a different stage of their life, and they will not handle it the same way. This goes to show that different thing affect people differently, and the way that they were brought up in life.

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