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Edn A Woman Of A Perfect Woman Essay

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every womanly grace and charm. If her husband did not adore her, he was a brute, deserving of death by slow torture. Her name was Adele Ratignolle" (IV pg 12). Edna can be like Madame Ratignolle who represents the mole of a perfect mother and wife. She represented all of the Creole woman, and everyone looks up to her. Chopin also show another path, or mole, Edna could take. Edna has the option of living all alone and keeping to herself like the character Mademoiselle Reisz. Edna couldn’t follow Madame Ratignolle path because Edna wasn’t satisfied with just being a mother and wife. She couldn’t follow Mademoiselle Reisz’s path because she didn’t want to be alone all her life she longed for Robert’s love. In the end Edna can’t seem to fit in any of the moles that are presented to her, so she must create her own mole. That is just like woman today. Society present woman today with mole of a perfect woman, and everyone can’t fit the mold so they are focused to create their own mole, and since they can’t fit in the mole they a looked at differently. The truth is we are not meant to fit a mole that someone else has forced upon us. We are meant to create our own moles.

The whole novel is about the process of Edna being awakening. As Edna is waking up she is becoming her own person. As she is discovering who she really is she is finding out that who she is really is not who society wants her to be, therefore, she has to create her own mole. Edna realize that just because she can’t fit the mold that society has created does make her a bad wife, mother, or woman. Edna says it herself that she doesn’t feel that she is wrong for being the way she is. In the novel she says "...try to determine what character of a woman I am; for, candidly, I...

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...XVII pg 88). Mademoiselle Reisz said this to Edna because in order for Edna to get out of the age and free she had to have strong. It is not easy being different. It takes a strong person to stand up against society, and that is exactly what Chopin wanted her reader to realize. She wants other women to realize it going to be hard, and you have to be strong. If you are not strong enough you will fall back down to earth like a bird with a broken wig. This means you will fall back into societies control if you’re not strong enough to be different, and fight society. Before Edna died she was a bird flying in the sky. The bird was described as “A bird with a broken wing was beating the air above, reeling, fluttering, circling disabled down, down to the water.” This bird again represents Edna. Knowing the bird is Edna the question that comes is was Edna strong enough to be

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